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Largest manufacturer of stainless steel hot water storage tanks in Germany!
Heat exchangers and tanks for the pharmaceutical industry!
Competence – Experience – Reliability !

Our Products

Storage Tanks

Building on 90 years of experience in tank construction, we have been able to specialize in stainless steel and become a recognized manufacturer of

Heat Exchangers

We manufacture heat exchangers on customer request in a wide variety of designs and dimensions. Automated welding technology guarantees high product quality

Special Tanks

For more than 30 years we have been supplying special equipment for the pharmaceutical industry as well as for the food and chemical industry. You benefit


Pickling equipment complying all environmental requirements is used for pickling of stainless steel via immersion 

Edelstahl-Technik GmbH

RUDERT Edelstahl-Technik GmbH
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© 2024 RUDERT Edelstahl-Technik GmbH

© 2024 RUDERT Edelstahl-Technik GmbH