Heat Exchangers

We manufacture heat exchangers according to customer requirements in a wide range of designs and dimensions. Automated welding technology guarantees high product quality and reliability in use.

Types of head exchangers:

  • heat exchangers acc. to GMP-requirements with double tube plate
  • heat exchnagers acc. to TEMA
  • heat exchangers acc. to DIN
  • double- tube heat exchangers
  • acceptance and testing acc. to 2014/68/EU; ASME; AD2000; DIN EN 13445

Dimensions and design:

  • maximum total weight 12.000kg
  • transverse, baffles etc
  • multiple passes possible
  • inner pipes orbital welded, rolled and feeded
  • GMP- requirement exclusively with seamless tubes


  • 1.4301; 1.4571; 1.4404; 1.4435; 1.4539; 1.4529; 1.4462

Surface quality:

  • pickled and passivated
  • until Ra O,5 µm; e-poliert Ra 0,5 µm

The thermotechnical design of the apparatus is done with a special software at our company. The calculation is fitted to each customers individual request. The preparation of the drawings is realized with modern CAD Systems and AUTOCAD 2023.

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© 2024 RUDERT Edelstahl-Technik GmbH

© 2024 RUDERT Edelstahl-Technik GmbH